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Under this heading you can find news about the work of the Ministry of Education and Culture.

Recent News

02-06-2016 Finland's roadmap for the European Research Area completed
03-02-2016 to open access to a record-breaking amount of Finnish cultural data
02-02-2016 Finnish research infrastructures databank opened
13-01-2016 Legal private copying is done by every third Finn
21-10-2015 Finland's Basic Education Act awarded
05-10-2015 Working group preparing formation of a new government agency by merging the Finnish National Board of Education and the Centre for International Mobility
25-03-2015 The new core curriculum for basic education emphasises the joy of learning
12-03-2015 Basic education of the future – Let's turn the trend!
24-02-2015 Council of Europe adopt Recommendation on gender mainstreaming in sport
12-01-2015 Every child in Finland has the same educational starting point
01-09-2014 Finland joins European ELIXIR Consortium
10-07-2014 Council of Europe Convention on fight against manipulation of sports competitions
09-06-2014 Working group: Finland a world leader in science education by 2020
04-04-2014 Changes in government
14-03-2014 Finland’s strategy and roadmap for research infrastructures 2014–2020
19-11-2013 Finnish Science Barometer 2013: Finns have high trust in science
05-11-2013 Education and Training Monitor: Key indicators and benchmarks
15-10-2013 Finna brings together the treasures of Finnish archives, libraries and museums
06-09-2013 Government approved resolution on comprehensive reform of research institutes and research funding
27-06-2013 Historic Treaty For Visually Impaired Adopted