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Advisory Council for Youth Affairs

The State youth council is a consultative body attached to the Ministry of Education and Culture. It produces information about young people's living conditions by means of reviews and a regularly updated statistical database. In addition, the Council drafts programmes, action and initiatives relating to young people.

One important duty for the Council is to evaluate the youth policy development programme for the Government and to give its opinion on the matters to be included in the programme.

The Youth Barometer published annually by the Council surveys young people's attitudes and values, future expectations and opinions of their social influence.

The State youth council represents expertise in young people's living conditions. Most of its members are nominated by national youth and youth-work organisations.

Youth Organisation Subsidy Committee

The Youth Organisation Subsidy Committee, whose members are nominated by youth organisations, submits annually a proposal to the Ministry for state subsidies to be allocated to national youth organisations.

The Committee also evaluates and develops the subsidy system.

Mainpage Youth