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Youth work in Finland

Young people under 29 years of age constitute 34% of the population of Finland. Youth services in Finland are provided by the Government and local authorities. The role of the Government is to create a favourable environment for the youth work.

Youth policy in Finland

okm6The government adopts a development programme every four years with the aim of stepping up crosssectoral youth policy action. The programme contains the youth policy objectives for the coming years.

The Ministry of Education and Culture steers and develops youth policy by means of legislation, studies and reviews, and funding.The aim is to support young people's active citizenship, empower young people socially and improve their living conditions.

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Social guarantee for young people

sisalto_lamputThe Youth Guarantee will offer everyone under the age of 25, as well as recent graduates under 30, a job, on-the-job training, a study place or rehabilitation within three months of becoming unemployed.

The Youth Guarantee consists of various elements: a guarantee of employment, one of education or training, a young adults’ skills programme, a youth workshop, and outreach youth work. The cross-administrative Youth Guarantee takes effect from the start of 2013.

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Child and youth participation in Finland

los_ukotFinland has many strengths regarding listening to children and young people and taking their views seriously, in particular in formal representational structures. However, improvements could be made by developing new innovative child participation methods, providing training and ensuring child-friendly information.

The report Child and youth participation in Finland – A Council of Europe policy review provides a comprehensive analysis of the implementation in Finland of the right of children to participate in decisions affecting them.

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The Youth Act specifies the objectives and values of youth work and policy in Finland

sisalto_tytot_rivissaThe Youth Act provides for the improvement of young people's living conditions and youth services.

The purpose of this Act is to support young people's growth and independence, to promote young people's active citizenship and empowerment and to improve young  people's growth and living conditions.

The implementation of the purpose is based on communality, solidarity, equity and equality, multiculturalism and internationalism, healthy life styles, and respect of life and the environment.

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The Youth Policy Division

At the Ministry, youth work belongs to the portfolio of the Minister of Culture and Sports. The Youth Policy Division prepares matters relating to young people, drafts national development plans, and coordinates youth policy in the central government. 

The Ministry is assisted by an Advisory Council for Youth Affairs and a Youth Organisation Subsidy Committee. More about the work of the Youth Policy Division in the Ministry section.

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