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Information about the operation of the Ministry of Education and Culture

Through the links on this page you can find out about the organisation, operation and financing of the Ministry of Education and Culture.

The Ministry and the administrative sector

This section presents the ministers and the Ministry's organisation, sector and expert bodies. You can also find about the history of the Ministry. Read more


This is a collection of the key legislation governing work in the Ministry's sector and information about legislation currently being prepared. Read more

Policy and financing

This section presents the means available for the Ministry to develop and steer education, research, culture, sports, youth work and other activities within the sector. Here you can access information and documents relating to strategies, policy lines and programmes, the Ministry's budget, and the government grants and Lottery funds allocated by the Ministry. Read more

International cooperation

The Ministry of Education and Culture prepares policy and agreements needed for cooperation within international organisations, councils and other international bodies. This section tells about the operation of the UN and its organisations, regional cooperation bodies and programmes and initiatives relating to various challenges and themes. Read more

EU matters

This section contains links to information about the preparation of EU matters at the national and EU levels and associated decision-making and presents EU programmes and structural fund activities relating to the Ministry's sector. More detailed information about EU matters is given under the headings Education, Research, Culture, Sport and Youth. Read more


This section is a compilation of the subsidies granted and awards conferred by the Ministry of Education and Culture. Read more

Contact information

This page gives the general contact information for the Ministry. Contact information for the Ministry's officials is given under Personnel directory. Read more