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Policy and finance

The Finnish Government is composed of twelve ministries and the Prime Minister's Office. The ministries represent administrative and political expertise in their sectors and prepare Government decisions within their remits. They also represent their administrative sectors in domestic and international cooperation.

Another important task for the ministries is to steer and supervise the operations of agencies and institutions in their administrative sectors.

The Ministry of Education and culture uses strategies, resource allocation, performance management and legislation in steering and implementing the objectives set in the Government Programme.

The Ministry prepares legislation and strategic policy lines for the Government and Parliament and contributes to the preparation of statutes and resolutions concerning its sector in the European Union. The Ministry steers and develops activities in its sector, allocates funds to state agencies and institutions and grants statutory and discretionary state aid to local authorities and private organisations.

The strategic key areas are equal opportunity in education and equal access to culture; educational, cultural and economic competitiveness; the population's intellectual and physical well-being; and social inclusion and participation. The values underlying this vast sector are civilisation, welfare, democracy and creativity.


Mainpage Policy and finance