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Sport policy

In its activities, the Ministry of Education and Culture highlights the role of sports and physical activity in enhancing the health and well-being of the population and in promoting civil society and inclusion. The Ministry particularly promotes clean performance sport aiming at the world top.

Sport policy is designed to promote the activities and services of voluntary organisations and sports clubs, especially civic activity in sports.

The priority is to develop children's and youth sports and sport education. In view of the beneficial effect of sports on functional capacity, health and well-being, the Ministry supports sports and physical exercise targeted to adults, the elderly and special-needs groups.

Measures are being taken to clarify the division of work and responsibilities in performance sports and to develop scholarship and reward schemes and coaching to enable gifted young athletes to combine a sports career with education.

Financial support is granted for the integration of top-level disability sports into the activities of sports clubs. Measures are also being taken to make grants for gifted young athletes also available to young disabled athletes.

Mainpage Sports Sport policy