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Performance sports

Performance sport means individual or team sport aiming at the world top on an ethically sustainable basis. The government does not subsidise professional sports.

The Ministry of Education and Culture promotes favourable conditions for competitive and performance sports. To this end, it intensifies coaching, develops coach training, awards grants to athletes, supports anti-doping work, and coordinates performance sports.

Competitive sports are also largely based on volunteer work. The sport federations are responsible for developing and administering performance sport.

The Finnish Olympic Committee contributes to the development of goal-oriented, responsible and ethically sustainable performance sports in Finland and looks after its interests. The corresponding tasks in disability sports are the responsibility of the Finnish Paralympic Committee.

The Research Institute for Olympic Sports (KIHU) is responsible for the development of competitive and performance sports, for applied sport research and the diffusion of research findings.

The Finnish Antidoping Committee is responsible for testing and coordinates anti-doping activities in Finland.

Athletes' grants, which are financed by the Ministry of Education and Culture, help athletes to train to their full potential.

Finland has hosted a number of major championships. The Ministry is currently preparing a strategy for major meets, which will set out the preconditions for organising large-scale competitions, including measures to be taken by the administration and other stakeholders.

Mainpage Sports Performance sports