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Finnish cultural life is characterised by a wealth of cultural institutions and a comprehensive institutional network. Measures are taken to encourage cooperation between institutions.

The provision of culture is abundant and in active use. There are also a wide range of activities arranged by civic organisations.

Government appropriations for culture have increased throughout the 2000s.

Cultural events are popular

Finnish people take an active interest in cultural events.

Attendance at cultural events increased in the 2000s, and differences between various population groups have evened out. The proportion of the population attending cultural events increased in the 2000s, and the differences between population groups are less significant. Still major differences exist between various municipalities in the provision of cultural services.

Awareness of the possibilities of fostering well-being through culture has increased. This provides a new springboard for improving the accessibility and availability of culture.

The number of those working in cultural professions has increased. However, professional artists in Finland only derive 50 per cent of their income from artistic activities, while this figure in other Nordic countries is 70 per cent.

Mainpage Culture Art and culture