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University of applied sciences' education in Finland

The Finnish higher education system consists of two complementary sectors: universities of applied sciences (UAS) and universities. The mission of universities is to conduct scientific research and provide instruction and postgraduate education based on it. Universities of applied sciences train professionals in response to labour market needs and conduct R&D&I which supports instruction and promotes regional development in particular.

Universities of applied sciences are multi-field regional institutions focusing on contacts with working life and on regional development.

The total number of young and mature UAS students is 130,000. Universities of applied sciences award over 20,000 Bachelor’s degrees and 2,400 Master’s degrees annually.

The higher education institutions’ common objectives for 2025 comprise the following areas:

  • strong higher education units that renew competence
  • faster transition to working life through high-quality education
  • impact, competitiveness and well-being through research and innovation
  • the higher education community as a resource.

The common objectives of the higher education system concern both universities and universities of applied sciences. They are based on the Government Programme, its key projects and their implementation plan, and the operative and financial plans of the Ministry of Education and Culture.

Mainpage Education & ECEC UAS education