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Expatriate Finns

The government supports educational and cultural contacts with expatriate Finns.

There are "club" schools which teach the Finnish language to expatriate children abroad in order to help them to maintain their native language and cultural knowledge. The funding for these Finland schools is granted by the National Board of Education.

Other cultural and information projects are supported through the Finland Society.

Finnish schools abroad and European Schools

Finnish schools abroad, which are run by private associations, follow the Finnish national core curriculum. The comprehensive school syllabi can also be studied with the help of kotiperuskoulu, which's a virtual learning network intended for young Finns living abroad.

The European Schools, jointly administered by the EU member states, are located in different parts of Europe. European Schools are mainly intended for the children of EU officials. The European Schools are co-educational schools providing nursery, primary and secondary education up to the European Baccalaureate. All of them follow the same curricula. There are schools in Luxemburg, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, the United Kingdom and Spain, but Finnish Sections only in Brussels and Luxemburg.

Mainpage International affairs Expatriate Finns