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Quality recommendation for public libraries

tiivistelmä / sammandrag / summary
  • Title
  • Quality recommendation for public libraries 
  • Authors
  • Committee
  • Series of publications
  • Publications of the Ministry of Education and Culture 2011:35 
  • Published
  • 28-11-2011 
  • Number of pages
  • 41 
  • ISBN
  • 978-952-263-085-8 (Online) 
  • ISSN
  • -L 1799-0343, 1799-0351 (Online) 
  • URN
  • Language
  • English 
  • Subscriptions
  • Publisher
  • Ministry of Education and Culture 
in English (1356 kb)


The quality recommendation for public libraries was published in Finnish in 2010 in the Ministry of Education and Culture publication series. The English version has been edited and compiled for an international readership.

The quality recommendation was prepared by a working group appointed by the Ministry of Education and Culture. The working group included representatives of the state regional administration and libraries of various sizes, as well as university education and research in the library sector.

The appendix Finland, a Land of Libraries, contains background information presenting Finland in general and the country’s libraries in particular.

The quality recommendation consists of five sections: administrator’s service commitment for library services, library services and their use,
human resources and competence, collections and library facilities. A brief description of quality management for public libraries will be presented at the end.

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