European Union

Finland participates in cooperation within the European Union. EU policy is reflected in the development of Finnish education, science, youth and cultural policies. Decisions taken within the EU also influence national legislation. The EU initiatives and action support and complements national action. The EU allocates funding for jointly agreed aims through its programmes and supportive action. The aim of cooperation between member states is to promote mobility and networking, to enhance interaction and to exchange information and experiences.

The directives influencing national legislation in the Ministry's sector mainly concern copyright and the recognition of degrees and diplomas.

The EU Structural Funds support regional projects relating to education, research and culture, which are co-financed by the Ministry of Education.

This section on the EU describes the preparation of EU matters in Finland and in the EU organs and relevant decision-making, as well as EU programmes and Structural Fund funding relating to the Ministry of Education sector.

In the Education, Youth and Culture Councils, Finland is represented by the Minister of Education and Science and by the Minister of Culture. The decisions on EU matters in the Ministry' sector are mainly made according to the joint decision procedure, in which the European Parliament plays a key role alongside the Council.