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Cultural policy cooperation in the EU

The principle guiding cultural cooperation in the European Union is the diversity of national cultures and rich cultural heritage. The EU promotes and finances cultural exchanges, cooperation between individuals and organisations working in the field of culture and the distribution of works.

The EU also seeks to ensure favourable conditions for film and audiovisual production, publishing, music and entertainment with a view to enhance the international competitiveness of European cultural industries.

Culture and MEDIA programmes

EU financing to culture is channelled through funding programmes.

The audiovisual programme MEDIA (2007-2013) seeks to strengthen the competitiveness of European audiovisual production in the global market.

The cultural and AV programmes are implemented by national agencies, which also disseminate information about them. The Centre for International Mobility CIMO is responsible for Culture programme at the national level. The national MEDIA Desk is attached to the Finnish Film Foundation.

The EU and Russia have cultural cooperation within the scope of the Culture Road Map adopted in 2005.

Mainpage EU Cultural policy cooperation in the EU